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레이 스파크 껌 만드는 최고의 경차 기아자동차 비스토 리뷰 4기통 경차의 힘

안녕하세요~ 올드카 전문 리뷰어 '인반장' 입니다.
대한민국 최고의 경차는? 저는 개인적으로 비스토가 최고라고 생각합니다. 추억의 경차 비스토 리뷰 입니다. 구하기 힘든 녀석이예요 좋은 매물 있으면 연락주세요~~~ 갖고싶어요 ^^
카마스터닷컴Cho Yongchan : 2004년식 최후기형 레이디팩(풀옵) 에서 조수석 에어백만 빠진 차량이네요~ 풋사과색 내장재를 보아하니...
2000년 4월 7일식 대전남바달린 비스토 수동을 20년 넘게 애지중지 굴리고 있습니다만, 경차치고 트렁크도 넓고 레이 다음으로 넓고 여러모로 차는 괜찮네요. 다만 1000cc 엔진에 맞게끔 개발된 차량인데 당시 경차규제때문에 800cc 엔진으로 하향조정해서인지 저속에선 참 빌빌거리지만 나름 고속도로에서는 동급 3기통보다 묵직하더군요... ㅎ 잘 봤습니다.
BOSS DS-1 : 정말 안나갔던 기억이...
스파크 1세대하고 주행질감이 비슷하다니요...
모닝 2012년식 현재 보유중입니다.
아무리그래도 비스토는 스파크와 모닝에 비해 강성이나 힘이나 빈약한 차입니다.
아카_K : 현대에 경자 딱 하나 있습니다. 아토스
SG C : 비스토는 수동이 짱인데
ACE 8UDDY : 개인적으로 모닝은 1세대 나온 이래로 뼈대가 각각 당시의 충돌테스트에 맞게 보강된 것, 엔진이 3기통으로 줄어든 것 빼고는 미션도 수동 오토 할 것 없이 세세한 기어비만 빼곤 완전 똑같은 미션 쓰고 달라진 점이 1도 없는 차라고 생각하는데 비스토도 별반 차이는 없나 보네요.

비스토 매도비포함가격120만원 차량상태 아주 좋아요~

비스토 2003년3월식 무사고 양휀다교환

운전연습용이나 출퇴근용으로 아주 좋을거 같습니다

#비스토 #경차 #전주중고차 #중고차딜러

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010 8643 6010
착한촌놈 중고차 : 이차량은오늘 계약되었습니다 감사합니다
전병호 : 아무리그래도이백은아닌듯

What Are Negative Calorie Foods & Do Negative Calorie Foods ACTUALLY Burn Calories?

What are negative calorie foods and do negative calorie foods help in losing weight? Wouldn’t that be great? Finding these magic foods that actually BURNS calories for us? We wouldn’t have to worry about exercising or cutting our calories because we could just eat more of these negative calorie foods!

Well, unfortunately, some things are too good to be true. The idea of negative calorie foods suggests that when you eat, you actually burn up all the food calories you ingested and then some! That means you burned over 100% of those food calories. Now, it’s true that your body has to burn some calories to digest the food you eat. I mean, the process of digestion requires energy, just like any process in your body. But that energy expenditure is only a percentage of your total daily energy expenditure. In fact, we refer to that as the Thermic Effect Food. But it doesn’t ever burn MORE calories of food than we actually ingested.

In fact, when you think of negative calorie foods, what typically comes to mind? Celery, broccoli, lettuce...Basically fruits and vegetables. Why? Because these foods are already so low in calories and mainly consist of carbs, water, and fiber. But carbs only contribute about 5% to the thermic effect of food, whereas protein contributes about 30%. So if you wanted to maximize the number of calories you burned when it comes to eating and digestion, you’d actually be better off eating a diet that includes protein.

Now, is the idea of negative calorie foods a bad thing? Well yes and no. On one hand, it encourages people to eat more vegetables. Vegetables are fantastic foods to incorporate into any diet because they are dense in nutrients, low in calories, and keep you full. But at the same time, if your diet only consisted of vegetables, then you’d be losing out on fats and protein. And we know that you need to have a balanced amount of protein, carbs, and fats.

On the other hand, the idea of negative calorie foods can also be a dangerous concept. Why? Because negative calorie foods give the impression that you do not need to track your calories. I mean, think about it. If a food actually BURNS calories for you…why would you track it? Most likely, you’d over-eat on it because you believe it’s burning calories. And THAT is the problem. See, we know that negative calorie foods don’t exist so anything you eat will contribute calories, even if it’s a fruit or vegetable. So the idea of ignoring the caloric values of certain foods can easily lead someone to not lose weight or even GAIN weight. All because they thought negative calorie foods were assisting them.

Honestly, I never know where these myths come from, but do you see a trend? They tend to do more harm than good. And typically, they try to provide a (lazy) shortcut to a process that was already simple in the first place. For instance, if you are trying to lose weight, well that’s easy enough! Just cut your calories by a modest 20%, figure out your macros, stay active, and be consistent. Don’t stress about negative calorie foods because that’s just going to introduce a distraction to your overall goal. If you maintain a balanced diet, then you’ll automatically include some of these so-called negative calorie foods.

As you can see, this isn't rocket science or anything complicated. It’s just one more topic I want to provide more truth on in case you weren’t clear on it.

Time Stamp:
0:00-0:40: Intro
0:43-1:53: What Are Negative Calorie Foods?
1:55-3:14: Do they make a difference?
3:15-5:35: Are Negative Calorie Foods Bad?
5:36: Conclusion \u0026 Outro


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LAKEY INSPIRED - Days Like These
Aspiring Hero Games : If something sounds too good to be true, it usually is.
You really put it into perspective just how few calories actually get burned. I don't want to chew celery for any length of time, let alone for an hour!
Really dispelling some stupid myths in this one!
TheLJEffect : ❤
Mind-blowing bro, great content.
Nick C : What do you guys think of this topic? Personally, I used to think that salad was the only thing I needed to eat to be ripped... *facepalms*
Stormexplosion _ : How bout them apples




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